"Sophie brings humor and joy to topics we take way too seriously"

Award Winning Editor

I love how you turn around everything that seems challenging and make me want to go do it the way you suggested right away!

Kerry Auret


Look, Laugh, Do it! 

Sophie Michèle has the ability to take any topic and through humor, questions and interactions, allow the audience to regain or increase their original interest in the topic.

The basis of all her speeches come from the idea that to change or create anything one must first look at the situation, find the humor in it and then take actions. From her business and personal development expertise she is able to energize, empower and inspire audiences.

Some of the industries she has spoken in front of are: educators, medical and wellness professionals and financial services.

The Joy of Getting Things Done: Organization Without Compromise

With an ever changing environment our to-do-lists have become infinite. How can we ever feel accomplished if everything we start leads to more things to do?

In this light hearted speech Sophie Michèle gives simple and powerful ways to organize ourselves without losing any of the important values of an individual or organization.

Sell More by Being Less

No one likes the feeling of being sold to. And in today’s markets, individuals know sometimes as much as the person selling the product or the service.

In this interactive, vulnerably funny speech Sophie Michele will give your sales teams the tools to generate more revenues with less efforts.

The more wrong you are, the happier you'll be

In school we get rewarded for having the right answer. We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves.

What if we went about this the incorrect way?

In her speech “The more Wrong you are, The Happier you’ll be”, Sophie convinces you that:

  • you are already wrong
  • it’s a good thing
  • you can make more money, have better relationships and have more fun that way.