The speaking topics

Innovation Made Easy

Change is the only constant in business. In this Keynote (also available as a workshop), Sophie will demonstrate how to inspire yourself and your teams to increase productivity and generate the results you are looking for through creativity. 

Becoming A Phenomenal Leader

In this Keynote Sophie shares the traits of a phenomenal leader today. Whether it is leading a small team or a whole organization, whether you must inspire people who have done the same job for 30 years or include millenials, the information Sophie communicates is applicable to all. 

You’re not wrong, you’re strong

Sophie always got in trouble with authority figures because she never shied away from speaking up and arguing with everyone. For a longtime she thought it was one of her flaws – until she got hired on the spot (and offered more money) for arguing with the head of department! In this Keynote, Sophie will demonstrate that what you think is wrong with you is actually what makes you strong!

Making it all work when you don’t feel like it

Motivation is a funny thing – it’s the art of doing things you don’t want to do. In this Keynote, Sophie uses the fact that even if she does not feel like taking showers (she is French after all), she would rather spend 5 minutes under water then in front of an empty room!

The Motivational Speaker Right For You

Sophie Michèle is an experienced and enthusiastic business motivational speaker who is not only acknowledged after speaking but whose insights and demonstrations influence for years after her presentations. 


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