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Funny Keynote Speaker
Sophie Michèle started entertaining people at he age of 15.

When Sophie was 18, she heard that there was a great film school in Los Angeles that Stephen Spielberg was never able to attend. She made it her own personal challenge to attend and graduate from that school. She graduated from USC School of Cinema and Television 5 years later.

Throughout her life, anything Sophie desired to do she did. It did not matter what was required, how long it would take, if she wanted it she would have it or do it.

For the last 7 years Sophie Michèle has traveled the world and spoken in front of diverse audiences about creating what they think is not possible (yet).

Sophie has several tricks up her sleeve but her favorite is laughter. When people laugh, they relax, they open up and engage more. Sophie includes a lot of humor in her keynote, not afraid to even laugh at herself.


Truthful and Vulnerable


Experienced and Curious.


Funny - Very Funny


Unique and Transformational

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Don’t just hire a motivational speaker. Hire someone who will relax them, engage them and make them think differently!


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