Motivational Speaker
Sophie is a motivational speaker who presents funny keynotes to corporate, colleges and association audiences. Her inspirational message engages audiences, and gives them the confidence to take on new challenges for themselves and the organization.  Laughter is the quickest path to change and your organization will love Sophie’s humor and refreshing perspectives.
“Sophie is hilarious and thought provoking” – American Funds
“Sophie made us think differently while laughing!” – Transamerica
Sophie Michele is an ingenious speaker. She constantly surprises me with her insights into how I can grow as a person, professional and entrepreneur. She is also deep-belly-laugh funny. Your audience will enjoy having her as a speaker.
Alegre Ramos

MBA | Speaker, Ember Living

Sophie Michele is a riot, and she walks her talk.  Her speeches, about self-acceptance, about letting yourself be all you are, are mirrored in her bright, funny, goofy presentation.  As a speaker, she’s a delight; as an inspiration, she’s perfection.
Douglas Green


Sophie Michele’s energy and power causes some people to wonder what air she’s breathing! She transforms her audiences by explaining the interconnectedness of our lives. She entertains us and inspires us to fulfill our true potential.
Tobias Harris

Owner, Unleash Your Awareness


Keynote Presentation

In her keynote, Sophie engages the audience to:

  • See what a difference they are already making
  • How to turn any weakness into a strength
  • Create more happiness in their professional and personal lives

Audiences love Sophie’s keynote because it is relatable, funny and gives new perspectives on old ideas.

It’s just “Not Your Mama’s Pep Talk”

French & Funny
Born and raised in France and living in the USA for 24 years Sophie brings a perspective that your diverse audience will love. A comedian in New York City and Los Angeles, Sophie knows how to get an audience to relax, listen and participate in the conversation


Engaging, funny and transformative are the words audiences use when they describe Sophie’s Keynote.


This video playlist includes testimonials and extracts from Sophie’s talks in front of professionals.


With a diverse background and natural charm, Sophie will take you on an inward AND outbound journey!
Nobody said “Bore Me!”
Sophie is a top motivational speaker who delivers fresh and funny content for your conference or meeting.

Your audience expects to be entertained and inspired. Sophie knows this and uses relatable stories and humor to embark them on a journey filled with laughter, ha-ha moments and wow experiences. A good motivational speaker needs to be funny in order to get the audience to open up and listen.

She knows you can’t have anything less than phenomenal.  She makes YOU look good!


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